NEW 2017

automated PLC PV power distribution and heating control unit. ROMANIAN

ELECTRO-VOX has exclusive intellectual contractual rights to manufacture the OSIM filed invention: global automated control and distribution systems for PV electrical energy generators combined with thermal storage. These range of automated control systems are special designed for corporate and residential application,  being developped and sale by our company under the name  SUNpro and SUNre . The energy independence start now.

The sun photovoltaic energy, reside as a clasical form of electrical energy. The production characteristics are not atractive, the amount is strctly dependend of a solar daily and annual cycles. The diffenece of momentan load consumtion (corporate, residential is lost (island) or feed into grid by inverters. The energy operators on the electrical energy market, offer a low finnancial quote or not) for this energy. SUNpro offers the inteligent system to optimize and stock the energy for both situation, in grid and island PV generators.

The issue for PV efficacity industry became the electricity storage. The first choice are batteries storage with different technology: lead acid, AGM, gel, LIION, LIfePO4, LIfeMn,..and others. But batteries technologies has plenty of bad characteristics: limited cycle of life at only 50% of charge, storage space, additional charging and invertors units, low efficacity do the cycle of charge/invert, price. We cannot discuss at this moment of a real solve of this issue only with batteries storage, this solution remain optimum for low/medium electricyty storage for residential and corporate.
Meanwhile, our method combine traditional storage and electricyty priority use with thermal storage. As a big efficiency we can enumerate: freezing and cold technology, air condition, ice production, fallow by pure thermals : heating tanks, swimingpool, washing water, thermic industrial process,...

We offer a extensive range of automated control for optimisation of use and electricity storage  of energy product of  PV electric generators . The solutions are mono and threephaze, no power limits and architecture, custom key projects for corporate SUNpro, but also espeacially for residential use, under the name SUNre. more..