General terms and conditions of sale and delivery

1.   IN GENERAL (english/romanian)


1.1 Scope of application


1.1. Scopul aplicatiei


The general terms of sale and delivery are valid for sales by SC ELECTRO-VOX SRL. They apply to all purchase contracts entered (orders) via www.electrovox.ro  , entered into with customer (The Purchaser) as well as Order Confirmation. The Seller offers are contained in the Virtual Shop Display (VSD)(www.electrovox.ro) . Deviation from the provisions of the general terms and conditions of sale and delivery must be in writing.

Conflicting and deviating terms of the Purchaser are not accepted and have no effect whatsoever.

These general terms of sale and delivery replace all the Seller's terms and conditions of sale and delivery hitherto. The partial invalidity of clauses of these terms of sales and delivery de not entail the invalidity of the terms as a whole. The offers are skow in Virtual Shop Display.


Conditiile generale de vanzare si livrare sunt valabile pentru SC ELECTRO-VOX SRL. Aplicarea acestora si a ordinelor de cumparare sunt via www.prosoundlight.eu. , impreuna cu, Confirmarea ordinului. Ofertele Vanzatorului sunt cuprinse in Virtual Shop Display (VSD)(www.prosoundlight.eu). Orice deviere de la aceste conditii trebuiesc agreate in scris pentru a fi valabile.


1.2 Offer and Price


1.2 Oferta si Pretul


In the abssence of written agreements, price offered in Order Confirmation are in (euro) and RON(lei). These price are exactly and represent contractual duty, since these can have slight difference from the Virtual Shop Display. The costs include VAT and other additional costs as: packing and transport. If the Customer want to pick-up from the ELECTRO-VOX warehouse direct the goods, he can avoid the transport charge from the initial order.


In absenta unui contract scris, pretul oferit in Confirmarea Ordinului este exprimat in Euro si in RON (lei). Aceste preturi sunt exacte si reprezinta raspunderi contractuale, avand in vedere ca se pot inregistra diferente mici fata de cele ofertate in Virtual Shop Display (VSD). Costurile includ TVA si alte costuri aditionale cum ar fi: impachetare, transport. Daca Clientul doreste sa ridice direct bunurile de la depozitul ELECTRO-VOX, poate sa evite sarcinile de transport direct din ordinul initial.


The prices stated in our written offers are valid for the time period stated therein. For payment received after the offer period has expired, the Seller reserves the right to make price or other adjustments (Virtual Shop Display). Drawings, plans and descriptions contained in offers, are solely for information purposes. Only attachments to the order confimation of the Steller will become part of the contract.


Preturile mentionate in Confirmarea Ordinului sunt valabile pentru o perioada de timp. Pentru platile inregistrate dupa aceasta data, ELECTRO-VOX poate face ajustari ale pretului si termenelor de livrare. Desenele, planurile sau descrierile incluse in VSD, sunt destinate numai informarii. Numai atasamentele Confirmarii ordinului fac parte din Contract.



1.3 Order Confirmations


1.3 Confirmarea Ordinului


A legal and binding contract will only be effective upon receipt of a written Order Confirmation by the Seller. Orders confirmed by the Seller can only be postponed, changed or cancelled by the Purchaser if written consent is obtained by both parties and provided that the Purchaser is responsible for all costs and losses resulting form such change, cancellation or postponement.


Contractul este constituit legal dupa receptionarea in scris a Confirmarii Ordinului transmis de Vanzator. Confirmarea Ordinului poate fi modificata de Cumparator , numai cu acordul scris al Vanzatorului, si accepta in acest sens ca toate efectele schimbarii sa fie suportate direct de el.


2.   Condition of delivery


2. Conditii de livrare


2.1 Delivery Scheduling


2.1 Termenul de livrare


The Seller will undertake best efforts to adhere to the confirmed delivery schedule. However, the delivery times the Seller specified are target times and not binding promises, unless explicitly declared by the Seller.


Vanzatorul va face eforuri deosebite pentru a realiza termenelul de livrare. Oricum, termenul de livrare este o data “tinta” si nu trebuie interpretat ca un termen limita, decat in cazul unei declaratii expres a Vanzatorului in Confirmarea Ordinului.


Should the documents and authorizations required from the Purchaser in advance, as well as contractual prepayments, not be made available to the Seller on the date agreed upon, the delivery will be automatically postponed.

In such case the Purchaser is obliged to remunerate the Seller for any damages and additional costs.


Daca Confirmarea Ordinului solicita plata in avans, iar aceasta intarzie, termenul de livrare se va prelungi automat. In aceste cazuri Cumparatorul este obligat la plata unor penalizari daca este cazul


If the Seller is responsible for the delay, the Purchaser can withdraw from the contract after the additional period of time fixed by the Purchaser in writing has expired subject to the provisions of Section 2.3.


Daca Vanzatorul este raspunzator de intarziere si aceasta depaseste termenul limita din Confirmarea Ordinului, Cumparatorul poate rezilia Contractul unilateral.


The Seller is liable for Purchaser's claims originated from delay on delivery only if gross negligence can be proven. The burden of prof is on the Purchaser. Any liability for indirect damages is excluded.


Vanzatorul este responsabil de intarzieri in livrare, numai daca se face vinovat de neglijenta in operatiuni. Orice alte sarcini colaterale derivate nu sunt in sarcina sa.


2.2 Partial Delivery


2.2 Livrari Partiale


Partial deliveries are acceptable to the Seller and the Purchaser only as stipulated in written agreements at time of order confirmation from the Seller. Associated costs related to partial deliveries (Warehousing) will be billed to the Purchaser.


Livrarile partiale sunt acceptate, numai in urma unui acord scris. Costurile asociate acestor livrari partiale sunt in sarcina Vanzatorului.


2.3 Force Majeure


2.3 Forta Majora


In all cases of force majeure, specially due to unexpected events in the manufacturing or in sales resulting from late delivery of raw materials or semifinished products, boycott, lock-out or work rebellions, namely strikes, either in its own facilities, or by suppliers or by transportation companies, as well as events of war of mobilization, the Seller is not obligate to observe the delivery schedule and the Purchaser will not have the right to cancel the contract and/or claim damages.


In caz de forta majora (in intelesul dat de Codul Comercial Roman) de natura sa afecteze prezentul contract, partile, de comun acord, pot rezilia sau modifica conditiile contractuale.

Partea care invoca aparitia cauzei de forta majora o va notifica celeilalte parti in termen de 5 zile de la aparitie.

De asemenea incetarea cauzei de forta majora va fi comunicata celeilalte parti in termen de 5 zile, in caz contrar prevederile prezentului articol nu sint aplicabile. Corespondenta intre parti se va efectua prin: scrisoare recomandata cu confirmare de primire, fax, e-mail, sau prin orice alta modalitate agreata in scris de parti.


3.   Payment


3. Modalitati de plata


Will be done as the client request as fallow:

1          Bank transfer

2          Cash at delivery

3          Cash deposit on Seller banks account


The goods will be shipped or release only after the full payment was received.


1          Transfer bancar

2          Cash la livrare

3          Depunere Cash in una din bancile Vanzatorului


Marfurile vor fi expediate numai dupa ce plata integrala a fost inregistrata de Vanzator.


4.   Returns


4. Retururi


Returns not authorized in writing by the Seller will not be accepted and will be returned at Purchaser's cost. If a return is requested by the Seller (e.g. to repair a product), the return delivery of the goods shall be prepaid Ploiesti and shall be according to the shipping instructions provided by the Seller.


Retururile neautorizate in scris de catre Vanzator, vor fi returnate pe costul Cumparatorului.

Retururile autorizate vor fi trimise cu transportul platit conform instructiunilor Vanzatorului.


6.   Intellectual property


6 Proprietatea intelectuala


The Purchaser, through acquisition of the Seller's products, does not acquire any right on the Seller's intellectual property, such as patent, trademark, model and design rights, or copyrights.

The Purchaser has the unassignable and non-exclusive right to use the software and the products delivered by the Seller.


Cumparatorul, prin achizitionarea de produse de la Vanzator, nu cumpara nici un drept de proprietate intelectuala, cum ar fi: marci inregistrate, patente, modelele si design, sau alte drepturi de autor.

Cumparatorul are drepturi ne exclusive de a utiliza soft-ware achizitionat de la Vanzator


7.   Confidentiality


7. Confidentialitate


The Purchaser shall maintain strict confidentiality in respect of all technical specifications of products or knowledge about products and shall respect the Seller's business secrets. The documents delivered by the Seller and the software provided for use must not be copied or made accessible to third parties but may only be used to fulfil the purpose of the  contract.


Cumparatorul se angajeaza sa mentina confidentialitate stricta asupra specificatiilor tehnice si a cunostintelor de spre produse, si va respecta secretele de afacere a Vanzatorului.

Documentele livrate de Vanzator si software nu vor fi copiate, distribuite sau utilizate decat in scopurile contractuale initiale.


8.   Governing law and jurisdiction


8.  Legile de guvernare si autoritatea jurisdictionala.


All legal relationships between the Seller and the Purchaser, in particular (but not limited to) any contracts concluded between the Seller and the Purchaser shall be governed by Romania law excluding the provisions of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods of April 11, 1980. Ploiesti is the exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of, or in connection, with the individual purchase contract. The juridiction court is Ploiesti Prahova.


Toate relatiile legale dintra Vanzator si Cumparator , orice contract incheiat intre Vanzator si Cumparator, va fi guvernat de legile din Romania excluzind provizionul din Conventia de la Vienna pentru “Vanzarea Bunurilor din Aprilie 1980”. Orice litigiu se va jude ca Tribunalul Ploiesti Prahova


9          Waranty


9          Garantie


Products are covered by a warranty time as stated in Cerificate of Warranty wich is delivered with the products. The place of returns for Service (after a RNA is obteign) is the Ploiesti warehouse.


Produsele sunt acoperite de garantie conform Certificatului de Garantie anexat la Livrare. Locul de returnare pentru Service (dupa ce a fost obtinut RNA) este depozit Ploiesti.



SC Electro-Vox SRL

Ploiesti 20 September 2014